Extension 106m² and renovation 128m², Amstelveen



Plans to extend? An extension with different floor levels can improve your house, with a larger living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. Even with a small budget you can easily enlarge your house. It may be the best solution if you want to live in the same neighbourhood, and is cheaper than buying a new property. The regulations covering the rear of a house have been simplified so you can build an extension of one or more floors.

My ethos is one of fully understanding my client’s needs and sensitively translating these into a design of the highest standard. Through dialogue and impeccable attention to detail, I create contemporary, elegant and practical solutions of exceptional quality. A successful renovation requires good preparation.

See my special extension website: www.aanbouwmetarchitect.nl

King Architects has a lot of experience with extensions in the Amsterdam area and differs from others by providing a service tailored to your needs.

Building management
Dependent on your own knowledge and experience you can choose the degree of building management which suits you. You can choose per phase, combinations of phases or for the complete building management. From comparing tenders to the complete building management.