Appartement interieur renovation 125m², Amsterdam



Renovating the interior can transform a dark, tired apartment to a light, spacious dream home. With a creative design, lots of experience and playing with material, space, colour and detail King Architects creates your design. My ethos is one of fully understanding my clients' needs and sensitively translating these into designs of the highest standards. A spacious concept by which ideas go beyond the general solutions. A logical and functional layout in which all factors are balanced into a well-constructed drawing in a contractual document. Furniture can also be subtly integrated into the design. Through dialogue and impeccable attention to detail, I create contemporary, elegant and practical solutions of exceptional quality.

King Architects can also advise you during the selection and tender process with a contractor. I can also manage and support the contractor ensuring that all technical, aesthetics and budgets stay conform to the design principals. Renovation can be the best solution if you want to live in the same neighborhood and cheaper than buying a new house and as an architect I feel it is important that you are involved throughout the process.

Building management
Dependent on your own knowledge and experience you can choose the degree of building management which suits you. You can choose per phase, combinations of phases or for the complete building management. From comparing tenders to the complete building management.