Renovation or new build? King Architects has a lot of building experience in diverse scales and types of renovation work. It can be the best solution if you want to live in the same neighbourhood and cheaper than buying a new house. With good advice the renovation architect can help you with professional advice.

Renovation process

  • Free consultation with the renovation architect.
  • A full copy of the archive drawings from your local council is required.
  • Discuss at your home or at the project your ideas and requirements.
  • Discuss the possible building and design possibilities.
  • Discuss permits, budget and your planning.
  • Renovation floor plan is made with a building description
  • Discuss and compare contractors tenders and contracts.
  • Building inspection by the renovation architect.

A logical and functional layout in which all factors are balanced into well-constructed drawings and a contractual document.

My ethos is one of fully understanding my client’s needs and sensitively translating these into designs of the highest standards. With a creative design and play of material, space, color and detail King Architects creates your dreams.

Through dialogue and impeccable attention to detail, I create contemporary, sculptural and practical solutions of exceptional quality. King Architecten can also advise you during the selection and tender process with the contractor. Supervising and supporting the contractor ensuring that all technical, aesthetical and budget issues stay true to the design principals.

King Architects differs from others by providing a service tailored to your needs. The needs and wishes of my clients are always the starting points, a goal that I strive for and achieve. Each successful project requires good preparation and a good design is not just a pretty picture. Therefore I can change my services to suit your needs.

Building management
Depending on your particular knowledge and experience you can choose for what type of building management is best. You can choose for a specific part, a combination or for the whole renovation. From comparing tenders too the complete renovation, from for example the bathroom to luxury villa. I can organize this for you.