Roof terrace 24m², South Amsterdam

Roof Terrace

The use of a flat roof can be a valuable addition to your life style, a delightful green oasis of peace above the city landscape. In many situations access via a skylight or staircase is possible. Placing a new staircase above the existing one is more efficient and is mostly should not exceed 2 x 3m (incorporating storage). The renovation architect can improve your house.

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Generally an existing roof is not strong enough so the existing construction has to be reinforced. This can be done in several ways, extra beams fastened to the existing joists or beams placed on the roof. King Architects is an innovative design office with experience in building and project management. With wide experience of designing roof terraces I can produce the required drawings, apply for permits, organise consultants and make technical calculations, and provide advice and services from tender to completion. King Architects differs from other offices by providing a service tailored to your needs.

Building management
Depending on your particular knowledge and experience you can choose for what type of building management is best. You can choose for a specific part, a combination or for the whole renovation. From comparing tenders too the complete renovation, from for example the bathroom to luxury villa. I can organize this for you.